Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown Guitars, Vocals
Kyle has performed with various West Michigan bands for a number of years including drumming for Nick James and the Bandwagon, and fronting his own group, Into the West.
Charlie Merkel Charlie Merkel Drums, Vocals
Born one unseasonably warm fall day in a peaceful village nestled amid the shires of southeastern Michigan, Charles Merkel took to the percussive arts at the tender age of eleven. Under the expert tutelage of one of the great local masters, Charles began to learn the intricacies of bending time and space, and with this a great adoration for the craft of rhythm flourished. This love continues to grow today as evidenced by his many musical escapades throughout West Michigan. He also enjoys cheeseburgers and fly fishing.
Michael Serota
Michael Serota Bass
Mike hails from the northern suburbs of Chicago. At the age of 15 he funkified his life and picked up the electric bass for his first time. After a brief stint in the UP he arrived in lovely West Michigan. It was here that he found his way into his first band, Soma. Soma gave Mike the opportunity to experiment musically and develop a rock/funk style which he is excited to blend into Bigfoot Buffalo. He loves slappin bass in key of E(crack the dishes).
Sean Stynes
Landon Knoppers Keyboards
Born and raised in Sparta, Michigan, Landon started piano lessons at a young age, spending his early years tickling the ivories, playing soccer and kicking Persians down wells. He now resides on the west side of Grand Rapids. In addition to Bigfoot Buffalo, he also plays keys for two other local bands, Love Handle and The Sauce. On Sunday mornings he can be found playing piano and organ at Mamrelund Lutheran Church in Kent City, Michigan. A semi-professional musician, amateur swing-dancer, and full-time pirate, Landon follows the music wherever it takes him.